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It’s finished!!

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*5 years later*

Brazil-21 years old

"Amber" I called out knocking on the bathroom for the 13 and 14 year old girls.

"Go away" she mumbled. I sighed.

"Amber open the door please." There was ruffling on the other side of the door then it finally swung open. I walked in and sat on the toilet.

"Come here" I said patting my lap. "Talk to me chica. How you feeling?"

"Angry. Mad. Sad. Disappointed. I don’t know, I’m so tired of getting rejected Ms. Brazil. Why doesn’t anybody want me?"

Amber is one the children in the adoption agency I work at. A couple minutes ago she found out she wasn’t getting adopted. It wasn’t that the family wasn’t able, the family that was looking to adopt her changed their minds.

This is probably the 6th time this has happened to her. She’s really starting to take the rejections hard. To make things worse, Amber is the only child left who has been her since I started working here three years ago.

"I honestly don’t have any answer to that but what I do know is that they’re really missing out. You’re a beautiful teenage girl and anybody would be blessed to have you in their family."

"You think so?"

"I know so."

"Thanks Ms. Brazil"

"You’re welcome honey and if you every need someone to talk to I’m here."

"Okay" she smiled and began to walk off. She soon stopped. "Ms. Brazil can I go with you to Mr. Khalil’s concert? I really don’t want to be here tonight…"

"Of course you can go. Khalil asked about you last night too."


"Curtis!! Brazil!! Hurry up if you want to go to 5 Guys before your father’s concert!" I yelled up the stairs.


I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no…not yet anyways. Khalil and I adopted Curtis once we were able to buy a house of our own. We adopted him last year at the age of ten. The state forcibly removed him from his mom, she was a drug addict. He’s been with us ever since.

About time we got out the house, we didn’t have time to stop. I called Khalil’s ‘people’ and had one of them to have us some 5 guys when we arrived at the Arena for the concert.

Aolani- 8 years old

"You guys sit down and eat I’m going to the side stirs." Momma told us. We did as she said.

I like it here in New York! It’s really fun and the kids at school are nice. Some of them are mean to me but that’s okay because I have an older brother to protect me. His name is Cj and he’s 11.

The only downside was that daddy went off to sing a lot. Sometimes he leaves for months. It’s cool I guess, we all miss him though.

Today Dad and I are singing on stage together. It’s going to be a surprise for mom. Dad said he wrote the song a while back, when he knew he feel in love with mom.

I finished eating then went to practice some voice exercises dad taught me. When I was finished I went to the side of the stage with my mom.



"Is Grandma okay?" Conner asked tapping my leg as he looked up at me with worried eyes.

"Yeah sweetie she’s just fine." I smiled. As if on cue Mrs. Sharieff’s screams filled what seemed to be the entire hospital floor piercing my ears in the process. Did I sound like that when I was giving birth to Aolani?

My eyes diverted eyes diverted to the elevator when I heard it ding. Khalil and his sister walked out, both with a McDonalds bag and drink tray in their hands. It’s about time, I thought.

"We got the kids chicken nugget kids meals" Khalil said sitting beside me. "And I got you your favorite."

"What’s my favorite?"

"A 20-piece nuggets with sweet & sour sauce and the bacon and cheese angus burger meal, medium, replace the drink with a vanilla milkshake, no cherry or whip cream. Oh let’s not forget the extra packets of ketchup and salt in the bag." He recited with ease finishing with a smirk.

"Impressive! How did you know that?"

"I know my girl; you order it every time we go to McDonalds."


"How’s momma doing in there?" he asked stealing a fry like he didn’t have any of his own.

"Well from the variation of pitch in her screams, I’d say his head is barely out."

"Who do females scream so loud anyways?"

"Do you have a weak stomach?" I asked as I finally finished fixing up my burger. He shook his head no.

"Alright you know how tight I am when we’re having sex? Imagine that expanding a little naturally then instead of a dick going inside a person’s body is coming out."




"What did you name him?" I asked my mom.

"Isaiah Lamar Sharieff."

"You gave him dad’s middle name."

"Yeah, I always liked Isaiah anyway."

"I think it fits him perfectly." I kissed his cheek before handing him to Brazil.

"He looks just like Mr. Sharieff" she said smiling.

Indeed he did! There was no way in the world Isaiah isn’t my dad’s.

"Well ma, we’d love to stay but we have to finish packing for the flight."
"It’s fine, stop by before you guys leave."

"Will do momma"

Aolani, Brazil, and I kissed my mom’s cheek and hugged my dad before leaving.


*two months later*


This is it! May 28th, graduation day. The day I finally let go. Let go of everything that’s hurt me in my past and move on. Tomorrow Khalil, Aolani, and I are moving into an apartment in New York.

Everything seemed to work out in my favor. James will probably be in jail for the rest of his lie, I got the scholarship to NYU, and Khalil is starting a music career. It was bittersweet for him because although he loves to sing he really wanted to play basketball. An injury he suffered at our last game crushed that.  Ms. Sharieff is huge, she is due any day now.

"Mommy I have to potty." Brazil said as she knocked on the bathroom door. I unlocked the door to let her in then continued doing my hair.

"Mommy can I wear your hat?"

"Sure but you have to give it back when we get to the school."


When I got finished doing my hair, I got Lani dressed then dressed myself. I still can’t believe I’m graduating today early.

As it was nearing our departure time I became nervous. What if I fell walking on the stage? Or they skipped my name when passing out diplomas. That would be so embarrassing…

I pushed those thoughts out my head as I walked downstairs. I felt Khalil’s presence right behind me.


Who knew graduation would be so nerve racking. Here I am in line sweating. I think I was more nervous because I’m valedictorian. I AM NOT a public speaker; even though I’m very outgoing I somehow always get nervous speaking infront of people.

My nerves relaxed just as Pomp and Circumstance began to play. I inhaled then exhaled before walking out on cue. As the ceremony went on I kept stealing glimpses at Brazil. She was like five rows behind me. I’m extremely proud of her. Given her circumstances some would say graduating was impossible. I guess she proved them wrong.


"As I close out my speech, I would like to shoutout some important people in my life. Mom and Dd, I love and appreciate you even though sometimes I don’t show it. Sis and Conner I love y’all too, Last but not least my beautiful girlfriend Brazil Maldonado. I love you girl, you’ve helped me with so much and one day imma marry you. With that being said class of 2013, WE OUT THIS BITCH!!"


"Nice speech" I said interrupting Khalil’s family moment. He turned around and kissed me.

"Thanks" he smiled.

"I can’t believe we did it."

"I’m proud of you." We said in unison then laughed.

Mr. and Mrs. Sharieff hugged me and so did Khalil’s sister. I looked down at my left and saw Conner and Aolani playing with each other.

This is how everything is supposed to be. Nothing but pure happiness. Lani can finally sleep all through the night and I’m content. I was snapped out of my thoughts when Mrs. Sharieff grabbed my arm.

"Are you okay?" I asked cautiously.

"My water just broke"



“Let’s play never have I ever” India suggested.

“How do you play?” I asked.

“Well since it’s eight of us we’ll do two rounds. Each round every person will say something they’ve never done before. If you did it you have to drink a shot.”

“It sounds easy; let’s play!”

Everyone gathered in a circle on the game room floor. I think this was the cleanest room in the house after the party ended. Autumn started the game off.

“Never have I ever ate pussy” she said. All the guys plus Claudia took a shot. We all looked at her shocked.

“What? I was bi-curious freshman year.”

Anthony then India went now its Hakeem’s turn. He’s been thinking for like three minutes, smh.

“Alright, never have I ever kissed someone of the same sex.”

I rolled my eyes and my second shot of the night. Cody and India took one as well.

“I knew it! Khalil yelled causing me to laugh.

“Naw she what had happened was when I was living in ATL back in middle school, I was at my girlfriend’s sister quince and they let you drink there. So I was sitting with my girl and her cousin, who I didn’t know was gay. Like halfway into the party the nigga kissed me and I beat his ass the got dumped and kicked out the party.”

We all burst out laughing including India.

“Y’all leave my baby alone” she said between laughter.


The game was almost over and I think I was the drunkest. I’ve had 10 out of 15 drinks; Anthony and Claudia had 8; Khalil, Cody, and Autumn had 5; and Hakeem and India only had three. Khalil is the last person to go.

“Never have I ever had a threesome.” Oh God, how drunk do these negroes want me to get.

“You a lil freak huh?” Khalil whispered in my ear.

“Try me and see” I mumbled as Khalil kissed my neck. I moaned when he found my spot. He smirked and began to suck behind my right ear.

“Stop” I moaned.


“That’s my spot.”

“I know”

“Can we at least go to the room then?”


Brazil’s back arched a little as I slowly entered inside her. Damn she was sexy as fuck and tight. I began to kiss all over her upper body as I pumped in and out of her.

“Fuckkk” she moaned. “Go faster baby”


I wanted to make love to Brazil no fuck the shit out of her. I wanted to take things nice and slow. Our bodies need to have a connection.

Brazil’s breath got stuck in the middle of her throat when I rammed my dick back inside her. With a few more pumps she came. I rolled over so that she was now on top.

“Ride this dick ma” I instructed. She obeyed and that was the beginning of MANY rounds of the best sex I’ve ever had.



"You look good my nigga." I said to myself in the mirror. I sprayed myself with some cologne before putting on my watch. Satisfied with myself I left out my room and went to Brazil’s.

I took a deep breath then let it out before knocking on the door. Aolani opened it.

"Mommy’s not ready yet. She say two minutes."


Just as quick as I got it out the door slammed in my face. Great, now I’m even more nervous.


"You look really hot mommy."

"Thanks baby. You think Khalil will like it?" I asked looking at her through the mirror. She was trying to put lip gloss on. She looked up and smiled while nodding.

"I think I’m going to have a baby sister soon."

"Nah kiddo. Ain’t no baby making going on tonight"

"Whatever you say mommy." I laughed.

There was another knock at the door. It was probably Khalil rushing me.

"I’m coming!!"

I opened the door and Khalil’s mouth practically dropped to the floor.

"Damn" he mumbled. "Brazil you look amazing."

"Thanks you don’t look to bed yourself"

"Don’t lie to yourself you know I look sexy as fuck."

"Nigga don’t get too cocky but let’s go. I’ve never been to a party before and I’m excited!"

"Well let’s go then."


"Dance with me ‘Zil" Khalil insisted trying to pull me out of my seat.



"No! I don’t know how to!"

"I’ll teach you beautiful." Khalil said pulling me up and onto the dance floor.


Take You Down by Chris Brown began to play once we got on the dance floor. I pulled her into me by the waist and began rocking her hips slowly.

"Roll your hips like you’re having sex" I whispered. She did just as I said.

She pushed me on the wall and grinded on me harder once she got the hang of it. That shit was getting me horny as fuck.

"Damn ‘Zil" I mumbled. "Don’t start something you can’t finish."

"Who said I wasn’t going to finish" Brazil whispered so sexily in my ear. That shit made my dick jump.

"Well let’s go then" I grabbed her hand but she pulled away.

"Not now silly. We have to enjoy the party." she giggled and danced away. This chick -.-



"How much longer?" I whined. Aolani had fallen asleep after we stopped to eat and my arms was starting to hurt.

"Not that much longer. We have to find the perfect shoes to go with this outfit and get you a bikini."

"Well can one of y’all hold your ‘niece’ because my arms hurt."

"I’ll get my baby" Claudia said.

"No you are not. You will drop my baby, yall are almost the same height."

"Why you gotta talk about my height bitch." she yelled. I giggled.

I’m short but Claudia is a certified midget. SHe’s 4’7 at 17. That’s one thing that makes her unique and Cody loves  her height. Them two are so cute.

"I” get her." India said. That bitch is 5’6. I be feeling so short next to her.

"Oh my God! Thank you!" I exaggerated once Lani was out of my arms.

"Okay so do you want a tight or loose dress?"


"Tight it is" I shook my head and laughed these girls are a mess.



Sitting in this room alone was driving me crazy. I want to go home and hug my baby and Khalil. I felt tears building up as I felt pain in my wrist seems like the handcuffs are getting tighter by the second.

An officer finally came in. He slammed a folder on the table causing me to jump. We shared an intense stare for about one minute until he finally started to speak.

"We’ll start off with the easy questions first. What’s your name?"

"Brazil Maldonado"

"How old are you and when is your birthday?"

"July 17, 1995 and I’m 16"

"Do you know this name?" He asked sliding a photo of James across the table.

"His name is James."

"Is this the man you tried to kill."


"Mind sharing why?"

"Is there a female officer on duty? I’ll feel more comfortable telling her than you."

He nodded then left. About 5 minutes later, I was being introduced to the only female officer at the station at the moment, Officer Crews. We got comfortable with each other and she asked if I was ready to talk. I simply nodded.

"It all began when I was twelve years old…"

Mr. Sharieff

I stood in anther room watching James’ interrogation unfold. He sat in there calmly with a smirk on his face answering each question with a smart comment.

I began pacing the floor trying to calm myself down. The presence of this fool was irking my nerves. The only thing that was stopping me from beating his sorry ass was my career. Finding jobs isn’t easy these days so I can;t afford to be terminated, especially with a baby on the way.

"You good man?" My friend and partner on the force asked me.

"Naw man. That’s the nigga who slept with my wife."

"Damn! I can tell why you acting like this. I’d want to beat his ass too."


"Thanks for your cooperation Brazil. I’ll be back to book you in a few."

"Wait, if I’m not mirandized you can’t hold me right?"

"Yeah. No one mirandized you?"

"No ma’am."

"Well you’re free to go."

Finally!! Oh my God those was the longest three hours of my life. I can’t wait to get home to my babies.


I walked in the house and found the whole crew in the living room. Ignoring all them, I ran to Khalil and hugged him. If he wasn’t sitting down I probable would have knocked him over.

"I’m so so so so so so so so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking but I promise it won’t happen again."

"It’s okay." Khalil kissed my lips. Before long we were having a full makeout session. I didn’t pull back until I heard Aolani’s voice.

"Mommy" she said.

I got off of Khalil so quick and hugged my baby. She hugged me back.

"Stop crying mommy. Daddy say’s you’re to beautiful to cry and everythings gonna be okay."


"Yeah Khalil is my daddy."

I smiled and looked at Khalil. He winked.

"Anyways this little family reunion is cute but bitch we have a party so grab my niece so we can go shopping." Auntum said. I don’t know how she does it but she can be classy and ghetto at the same time.

"Well damn…Lani get your jacket and we can go."

"Well since Autumn was being ghetto. It’s nice to have you back boo."

"Thanks boo." I said sitting on her lap. India is my baby momma. Fuck Hakeem’s pretty eyes ass.

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